"This Math System finally gives children the desire and motivation to love math, because it is fun and easy to learn math facts. It is amazing to watch student's confidence levels soar with achievement a just short period of time."
"This program is to be commended on how it can be replicated in a way that is effective for improving student math achievement when traditional instruction for math calculations and number system mastery has failed. It develops mnemonic and pictorial clues for utilizing math processes that calculate the answer to basic facts using a variety of counting systems. The program is clever, appealing to students and works very well with all kinds of learners. It requires little preparation and staff training."
"Within eight minutes I watched my eight-year-old son, who did not know what 'four times two' was... to be able to count by fours all the way to 100. Plus, he could also multiply and divide by four! I am forever grateful to see him smile while doing math now."
“I use to not like 'maths' but now I like it a heap. When I learned my 8’s, I got so excited I went home and wrote by 8’s all the way up to 7,352!”
“I believe the “Han-5” has opened up a door for S. with his 'Maths.' He seems quicker and more confident in sorting out different problems."
“I use to struggle with 'maths' everyday. I cried and hated doing it. When I learned the first number with the 'Han-5' I couldn’t believe I could do it. I love 'maths' now.” Her mother said, “I have notice a big change in G.’s attitude towards 'maths' and figure work. I feel it is due to the 'Han-5' System. She has much more understanding of 'maths' and has been keen at home as well as at school. I am very impressed with her improvement in such a short space of time!”
“I wish these work books would have been around 30 years ago. I have seen children for years struggle with their Numeracy lesson while losing their confidence, but within a short time of this class learning the 'Han-5' System everybody was suddenly enjoying and taking interest in their lessons while regaining their confidence in "maths." What was even more amazing is that everyone was having fun! The 'Han-5' is a quick easy way to grasp understanding 'maths.' It is certainly 150% better than reciting or memorizing the times tables !”
When a 52 year oldwoman, learned how to skip count, multiply, divide by eights, for the first time in her life in less than 10 minutes, she became so overwhelmed she cried. She said, “I wish the Han-5 System would had been invented when I was young. I would not have hated math growing up. This work book shows how numbers work together and makes it easy to understand.”
Feb. 8, 2001, "Congratulations for your significant increase on your Academic Performance Index from 1999 to 2000."
Feb. 2004, "This system gives teachers another tool to assist students to learn their math facts. For students who for some reason can't learn their facts, this gives them another opportunity to be successful."
Jan. 2005, "Using these workbooks during math class this year created a mathematical atmosphere that delighted all my students. They were actively engaged in their learning process every step of the way. As a result, for the first time ever in the 22 years I have taught, I had 98% of my students to learn all of their math facts!
Nov. 2006, "This program provides students with a firm foundation in math, upon which they learn important processes and concepts."
June, 9 2005, "This program builds confidence, raises self-esteem, and supports the belief system that everyone can learn, achieve and make good choices."
April 2005, "This past year, we had all of our first grade teachers implement the Han-5 Program and we had so much success in reaching every kind of learner to achieve in Mathematics, we would like to implement it next year, if budget allows, in all of our first, second and third grade classrooms."