Han-5 Mathematics is an entire Math Program that works with all students & their learning capabilities! A new addition to  this program is the Han-5 teaching DVD Set  that has recently been approved through the State of California to meet the  Education Code sections 60040-60044 and 60048.  These DVDs accompany and teach the Han-5 workbook while students watch and learn how to recall their math facts. Enjoy learning how math works together in a fun,entertaining, and easy way today! See more information about the DVDs on the order page.


Jumpin Jive with Han-5 Workbook: Learning All Math Fact Tables 1 - 9 
Best suited for second, third, and fourth graders.

*Also great for fifth and sixth graders who still haven't mastered their facts with 100% accuracy.



Learn Han-5 while watching these DVDs. Each DVD will assist you step-by step while using the Han-5 workbook. Total tutoring hours on these DVDs are four hours long. Lessons are easy to follow along and fun to learn! Have your own personal math coach to go over the workbook as many times as needed!  You will be empowered to recall your math facts and solve all kinds of different math problems.

Han-5 System is a fun and an easy way to learn math facts while building self-esteem and confidence levels.

  • It enriches three learning modalities to succeed: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory.
  • It creates a solid foundation for solving all types of math algorithms.
  • It incorporates the three overlapping learning domains of Bloom's Taxonomy: Cognitive: Teaches from a knowledge level to a synthesis level by having fun while learning.Psychomotor: Develops fine motor skills and coordination.Affective: Improves student's ability to listen, respond, and demonstrate problem solving & math skills.
  • Lessons are arranged in a logical, sequencial order.
  • It shows students the whole picture of how math fact families interrelate into all kinds of algorithms.

Jumpin Jive with Han-5 Math System has been approved by The State of California Curriculum Frameworks for Legal Compliance since July 2003. Its lastest workbook publication was approved again in October 2006.
Jumpin Jive with Han-5 Math DVD teaching set  was approved by The State of California Curriculum Frameworks for Legal Compliance in December 2006.