Han-5 Math System supports 8 out of 10 N.C.T.M.’s (National Council of Teaching Mathematics) Standards

1. Numbers and Operations: Han-5 teaches the relationship among numbers and the understanding of how numbers work together. It makes computation accurate with fluency and self-correcting by using logical reasoning.

2. Algebra: Han-5 helps children learn and understand patterns, relations and relationships. When analyzing mathematical problems or situations you can use the Han-5 method to figure out different solutions.

3. Data Analysis and Probability: Han-5 supports the understanding and applying basic concepts of probability. It also helps students develop and evaluate inferences and predictions that are based on data.

4. Problem Solving: Han-5 builds new math knowledge through solving problems. It helps students to apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems and monitor the process of problem solving.

5. Connections: Han-5 helps students understand how math fact families are interconnected and built upon to produce a coherent whole.

6. Representation: Han-5 supports and creates representations to organize, record and communicate math ideas.

7. Reasoning and Proof: Han-5 supports students to recognize reasoning and proof as a fundamental aspect of math. It investigates math conjectures, develops and evaluates math arguments and proofs and it helps use various types of reasoning and methods of proof.

8. Communication: Han-5 teaches math through communication by organizing and consolidating mathematical thinking. It is a language of mathematics to express math ideas and concepts in a coherent, sequential and precise way. 

The Han-5 Method breaks away from traditional styles of teaching rote, isolated computational skills and strives for the development of higher-level skills.

The inherent beauty and fascination of the Han-5 is that it can be learned, appreciated and enjoyed by all types of learners. It helps students develop positive thinking skills, order their thoughts, develop logical arguments and make valid inferences. It is simple and easy way to learn through number patterns and functions. Therefore, it creates the confidence and willingness to probe, explore and experiment.

One of goals of the California Framework is to structure mathematics so students can experience the enjoyment and fascination of mathematics as they gain mathematical power. The Han-5 System enhances this type of power and instructs students with the fundamental concepts from our National and California State Math Standards.