For the last eleven years, the Han-5 System of Mathematics has been field tested with approximately 3000 (plus) students of different cultural backgrounds in grades first through eighth with 98% success! I have had the opportunity to teach this system to children in the United States, France, England, Spain, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Australia, Singapore, and Belize and every child has enjoyed learning this system.  They quickly pick up the number patterns and then are able to speak by the language of multiples! (WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION OF MATHEMATICS)

     The Han-5 System promotes the understanding and enjoyment of learning math facts and provides a high degree of motivation. By learning this system, of mathematics, students can explore and experiment with new ideas. The Han-5 System breaks away from traditional teaching of rote, isolated computational skills and strives for the development of higher-level thinking skills.

     The inherent beauty and fascination of the Han-5 is that it can be learned, appreciated and enjoyed by all types of learners. It helps them develop positive thinking skills, order their thoughts, develop logical arguments and make valid inferences. The Han-5 is simple and easy to learn, therefore, it can create the confidence and willingness to probe, explore, experiment, make conjectures and persevere.

     One goal of the California Framework is to structure mathematics so students experience the enjoyment and fascination of mathematics as they gain mathematical power. The Han-5 System enhances this type of power and instructs with the fundamental concepts of our National and California State Math Standards.

     Children will not have to struggle anymore for weeks, months or even years trying to memorize their math facts.

Workbook and teaching DVDs :  will help any type of learner be able to count by multiples within minutes by applying number puppets to a hand formation while listening to funny stories about frogs and fish. Then students are empowered to count by that multiple, add, multiply, divide, solve parts to whole, equivalent fractions, algebra: solve for the missing factor, reduce fractions, square roots, etc....

Have a blast learning your math facts with instant results. Congratulations on helping your child learn math in a fun & easy way! If you have any questions about the program and would like to contact me, you can email me at